Before diving in, I want to emphasize something integral to understanding the reality we find ourselves trapped within. The modus operandi by which world manipulators maintain dominance while directing the course of human history is this: PROFIT FUELS EVERY AGENDA. We will revisit this concept toward the end of the essay in order to paint a very clear picture of how this M.O. plays out.

Many people are unaware that one of the most valuable commodities on Earth is sand. Not just any sand; beach sand—the type blanketing ocean floors, riverbeds and floodplains—these tiny, roughened grains are the key ingredient for creating concrete, the backbone of modern construction. The wind-blown type of sand found in deserts across the world is not useful in producing concrete because of its round shape and smoothness, which greatly reduces its function as a binding agent. This is why an elite playground like Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has been importing mass quantities of concrete-suitable sand from other countries. Dubai has also used obscene amounts of sand to literally create new islands … an act that should be considered nothing less than a crime against humanity.

Sand used in construction is at least a 70 billion dollar a year industry. However, it must be taken into account that large amounts of sand are being stolen every year and moved on the black market. It is certain that the industry far surpasses official numbers. A huge quantity is being violently pulled up from ocean floors by dredging ships, many of which are doing so illegally.

Fujian-registered dredger arrested off Kinmen for illegal sand dredging

The world has been sold a climate change narrative by mass media; a concept propelled into mainstream by the 2006 “documentary” titled ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ from, of all people, former vice president Al Gore. I place the word documentary in quotes because the information presented in that unfortunate film has been thoroughly debunked, especially the foundational claim that CO2 (carbon dioxide) is the driving force behind fluctuations in the Earth’s climate.

If you are going to sell something as a worldwide threat to humanity, it goes without saying that evidence of this threat must present itself to one degree or another in order for genuine fear and concern to develop in the mass consciousness. A major component of the climate change contrivance is rising sea levels, which promises a very real calamity for coastal populations and infrastructure. However, as is typical in this highly deceptive age of information, the terminology is deliberately misleading: “rising sea levels” suggests that the water level across the world is actually rising up, presumably due to massive amounts of ice melting in Antarctica. This is categorically false.

The truth is this: seas are ENCROACHING—not risingand this is happening because of, you guessed it, SAND (or, more accurately, the lack of it).

Sand is the natural buffer between land and sea, a perfectly designed mechanism that has operated flawlessly for thousands of years. Ocean waves rhythmically push and pull sand onto beaches across the world in a never-ending symphony, and it is this natural music that protects our land masses from what would otherwise be a constant nightmare of encroaching erosion. So what do you suppose happens when millions of tons of sand are dredged up from the ocean floors while simultaneously being stripped from beaches and riverbeds? When sand is removed from the ocean floor, sands from the beaches are necessarily pulled down to fill that void. Some of that could be offset by the slow dispersal of sand from riverbeds feeding into the sea, but that source is also being relentlessly plundered. As beach sand diminishes, the ocean begins its methodical encroachment of coastal land. This, the mainstream would have us believe, is evidence of “rising” sea levels, but no such thing is occurring.

Simply stated, the industrial farming of sand is stripping this Earth of its elegant land/sea buffering system. The outcome of this is clear: coastal regions ARE going to experience devastation. Once highly prized and expensive beach front property is going to be systematically abandoned and consumed by oceans that have always been hungry predators … predators historically kept at bay by billions upon trillions of grains of sand. And our ever diligent media will dutifully present this tragic loss of land and infrastructure as the byproduct of climate change; in other words, they will lie.

Climate is an interesting word. As most of you will recall, this supposed man-made environmental threat was not always dubbed “climate change”. Not so long ago, it was referred to as “global warming”, but this branding was aggressively abandoned, probably due to its limitations as an agent for conjuring fear and guilt; if regions experienced unusual bouts of cold this would, no doubt, cause confusion within the context of the predominant warming diatribe. Conversely, “climate change” is an open-ended term, something that the media can leverage whenever and wherever a perceived extreme occurs. But the term “climate change” is interesting for another reason:

cli·mate (klīmit)
1. the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period.
2. a region with particular prevailing weather conditions.
3. the prevailing trend of public opinion or of another aspect of public life.

The word climate does not pertain to weather alone, but also to the prevailing trend of public opinion or of another aspect of public life. So, “climate change” speaks to a shift in mass consciousness, and this reveals the true nature of the agenda playing out across our world today. Truly, what we are experiencing is a fundamental shift in universal awareness … and this diabolically conjured awareness would have us believe that the simple act of LIVING causes harm to this home of ours. After all, it is impossible to live here without leaving in our wake some manner of “carbon footprint”, and so we have all been transformed into the villains of our time for doing nothing more than surviving via terms established long before we were born. Make no mistake, the guilt of “climate change” will be shouldered by We the People … not merely emotionally, but financially as well, and with this we are brought full circle to the modus operandi of our gracious world manipulators.

The fruition of agendas is not nearly enough for our overseers, they must also profit from our misfortune and guilt and sincere desire for a better world. While the top feeders suck billions in profits from harvesting this world’s sand, the act itself is bringing to fruition the prophecy of “climate change” in the illusory form of “rising” sea levels; a brilliant chess move, to be sure. One must step back and marvel at the potency of such forethought, such predetermined deception … to yield profit from the very thing that will convince the masses of a scientific fallacy. Can you not see the beautiful atrocity of it? The colossal wit, the sad, sad vitriol that moves our hours toward controlled calamity?

Politically, we are running toward a carbon tax, by which each of us will pay a fee based on the size of our footprint. This will be implemented in the name of curbing “climate change”, and not only will we pay it, we will demand its existence, for the sake of our sacred Earth, to safeguard the future for generations not yet born. The mastery of this sleight of hand being pulled across our eyes is, admittedly, quite breathtaking. The world manipulators profit obscenely stripping this Earth of its natural ecosystems while simultaneously convincing us that we are to blame, that we should carry the weight of consequence by shrinking toward death, cinching our belts to the brink of starvation so there might yet be hope for humanity.

If you are unable to see this game for what it is, after having it laid bare, shame on you.

We are—all of us—victims of a plot that knows the outcome decades in advance and braces for it, profiting from it like a gambler from the future who knows which teams will be victorious.

Yet … we are many and they are the corrupted few, brittle with shame mistaken for power, corroded through and through with conceit.

To break them would be a sacrifice, yes, but not so large as you might think, because their weapons are mostly vapor, their tactics made of smoke and mirrors; the one we can push through and the other we can smash with fists aimed true.

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